From the Desk of Business Credit Approved:

Dear Business Owner,

We have created a unique process for obtaining business credit lines.

Do you have an email list that could use $200,000 - $500,000 of Business Credit?

Do you know someone that has an email list?

We have put together a business credit webinar that is educational for your clients and profitable for you.

The webinar offers a Free Quick Start CD and Business Credit Coaching & Training that is $197/mo after a 30 Day Free Trial.

You get $75/mo and $1000 per client for each person that signs up ($1000 paid after client is approved for at least $20,000).

The webinar is pre-recorded and we take care of all the technical stuff.

Recent webinars are closing between 21 - 37%, across all industries. See below.

Let me know if you are interested?

Here is the webinar link - Click Here.

Here is the order page - Click Here.

“You guys took care of everything for us.”

“My first check was $3,405!”

“It was a really good offer.”

Bob Beckman
Philadelphia, PA

“It was the biggest return we have ever had on a Joint Venture.”

Dennis Henson
Arlington, TX

“15 minutes for almost $1500 per month affiliate check.”

Satchie Carvounis
Ashton, MD

PS - And Satchie only has 1600 people on her list. Your monthly check could be MUCH BIGGER!

I hope to hear back from you soon.

To Your Success,
Business Credit Approved

“I was able to obtain over $200,000 in business credit lines. They get results.”

Keith Anderson
Petaluma, CA

Hear what Keith and other clients have to say about our services.

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